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Top Three Tips for your auditions

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

1 - Be on time! Casting Directors run a tight ship. They can't afford to have actors rocking up late blaming the traffic. Leave 30 minutes earlier than you planned, so you have time to park, grab a coffee, and not run into the audition as a sweaty mess.

2 - Be super prepped! Actors have very little that we actually control. But you can bet your butt you can control how well you've prepped for the audition. Everyone has busy lives with part time jobs, and families, and all the curve balls life throws at us. But if you're serious about your career, you won't use this as an excuse to why they aren't ready to smash the audition out of the park!

3 - Make a choice. Getting in the room and just saying the lines is boring. You're not making a choice. Be bold and back yourself. The Casting Director will respect that you've made a 'choice', even if it is not quite right. From there, it's easy for then to direct you.

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