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Private Acting Coaching

Work with our highly experienced acting coach all to yourself.

These sessions can involve:

Approaching an agent

Shooting a showreel

Audition workshopping

Making your own content

Drama School Auditions

One on one sessions yield results quickly. These sessions are like a masterclass for acting that are focused solely on you.

How it works

In this hour long session it is all about you. You get the chance to work with someone who has spent two decades in the entertainment industry and experienced first hand many of the highs and lows of being an actor.

How to approach an agent?

We have helped many actors successfully secure an acting agent in Australia, as well as leading agents and managers in LA.


Shooting a showreel

With experience writing, directing and producing showreels for acting institutions such as NIDA and QUT, as well as individuals who want to make a showreel, our work speaks for itself. We can guide you through this process, making material for you to then use to approach an agent.

Workshopping an audition

Any audition is a big audition, but some come through that you really want to make sure you do your absolute best. We can workshop these, and explore a multitude of options with it before self taping in our professional self tape studio.

How to make your own content

We are big believers in making your own content. It is a sure fire way to get agents, casting directors, directors and producers attention. We have made successful feature films that have played at festivals such as Tribeca Film Festival, Sydney Film Festival and Toronto Inside Out Festival to name a few. s well as short films that have racked up tens of thousands of views on youtube and vimeo. If you want to make something yourself, workshop that idea with someone who knows how the process works.

Drama school auditions

Need audition help for Sydney’s best acting schools? We can workshop your monologues, or audition material with you to make you confident, and ready to knock your audition out of the park!


Price: $80 per hour.

Our studio is available 7 days a week. We will work around your time-frame to find a suitable time. Simply get in touch and we will arrange a time.

I Can’t recommend Sydney Screen Acting enough. I’ve been attending Matt’s class for years. Matt takes the time to create a supportive and respectful environment - he’s a clever person with a big heart. He has a lot of love for the profession, and for the people that attend his classes. One of his greatest traits as a teacher is catering his teaching style to the individual rather than taking a more broad approach. Would recommend for any actor regardless of experience level.

Ellen Harvey

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