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Master your self tape

Self taping with our experienced acting coach is like doing a one on one masterclass on self tape technique.

Our Self Test Studio

Our self test room in Sydney is carefully curated to give you the best looking and sounding self tape possible. We’ve spared no expense! 

Self tapes are vital for actors these days. Self tape auditions can come in at short notice and it can be stressful getting it to your agent on time.


Simply get in touch with us to organise a time, and we will create a safe space for you to do your best work in our self test studio in Sydney. Our self tapes make you look and sound your best, and our expert self tape coaching from our experienced acting coach ensures that your work stands out.


Give yourself the best shot at booking the job! We will even upload the auditions while you’re in the room, so you will be able to forward a downloadable link to your agent within an hour of self taping.


The Process:

Simply text or email to book in a time. We will organise a reader, or you can bring your own, and we will meet at the studio and shoot it until you walk out happy with your work.

Getting your files:

Links will be sent through WeTransfer. Or, if you prefer, bring your own SD CARD, and you can walk out the door with your files.

Price: $80 per hour.

Our studio is available 7 days a week. We will work around your time-frame to find a suitable time. Simply get in touch and we will arrange a time.

Our Gear

Sony ZV1

Our permanent setup has a Sony ZV1 4k camera for stunning images that make you look your best.

Rode Audio

Sound is recorded with a Rode on board mic for crisp sound that doesn't favour the reader.

3 point lighting

We use a three point lighting setup, with a special eye light to make you pop.

Blue screen

All shot in front of a crisp, paper blue, industry standard backdrop - no distractions!

Interested? Send us a message!

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